Steps To Use Google Keyword Planner In 2020-min

Steps to use Google Keyword Planner in 2020

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Google Keyword Planner

You are in the digital marketing field, you have done a keyword search already. This Steps To Use Google Keyword Planner In 2020 help you to find best SEO keywords.

Now you are thinking there are many websites, Why Google Keyword Planner?

Yes, you are right. But most of the websites make money to give you service. Because Google Keyword Planner is totally free.

I am not suggesting going to the paid website. Rather than use Google Keyword Planner and all services are free for keyword research.

Trust me I am using keyword planner before writing a blog. As I am new to the blogging site but still I am getting traffic.

So here are the steps to use Google keyword planner in 2020

  • Step #1 Sign in Google Keyword Planner
  • Step #2 Go to the tool
  • Step #3 Add your Keywords
  • Step #4 Analysis of Keywords

Step 1 Sign-in Google Keyword Planner

As we know the keyword planner is totally free. But before using Google keyword planner, you need to have Google Ads account.

You have already Google keyword account, skip this step

How to create a Google Keyword planner account?

It will ask you to run one ad, but you do not have to run an ad. Just follow this procedure and you will be able to access Google ads account without running ads.

Go to the website “

Then go to the sign-in option and create a new account.

Then it will show you this window

google ads

Most of the users will go return from this window; because they do not want to run the ad.

So here is the option, as you can see at the bottom “Switch to the expert mode”

Click on “switch to the expert mode”, and wait a few seconds it will show you this window.

google ads new campaign

Do not click on any goals.

As you can see at the bottom, there is an option “Create an account without a campaign”.

And this option will give you to create an account without running ads.

After this step, we directly go to the Homepage.

Now it takes some time do not go back or refresh.

It will show you the window like this.

start reaching more people

Do not change any option here, just click on the submit button.

Now all the setup is done, it will give you the final screen as you can see it below.

congrats 2

Now you are ready to use Google keyword planner. Just click on the “Explore your campaign” as you see in the above image.

Finally, we will get access to use Google ads account without running any ads.

Step 2 Go to the Tools and settings

Now as the right top side you will see Tools and setting options (wrench icon). Click on this option

It shows you the menu as you can see below in the image. Then click on the Keyword planner option.

All campaigns
Tools and settings

You can see here different tools. But we have to find Keywords for our content. Select the Keyword planner option.

Now, after entering into the keyword planner. You will be able to know that there are options “Discover new keywords” and “Get search volume and forecasts”

As we know that keywords play an important role to rank our website in search engines. Google keyword planner gives you thousands of powerful keywords.

Now it’s time to find the best SEO keywords for your article by using Google Keyword planner.

Step 3 Add your keywords

After clicking on the Keyword planner, select “Discover new keywords” because we have to find the right keywords.

In this, you have to write a keyword related to your article, YouTube video, etc. After adding keywords you will see the country option. Select the country. The selection of the country is depending on, where you are targeting.

Let’s clear with the example,

I am making a blog on the keyword planner, so I want the keywords for my blogs. What keywords people searching. Even you can select here a year, month so you can get an exact result. As you can see in the image I am want to know about the keywords for Google Keyword planner.  I choose the country India. My mostly viewers are from India. And then just simply click on Get result.

google keywords

After opening the new window for Google keywords you will see some options, like locations, language, search network, and months.


Just select it as per your requirement. As I am writing this blog in August so I select last month. So will be able to know which keyword got most hit in the last month.

Step 4 Analysis of Keywords

The selection of keywords is important to rank your blog in the Google search engine.

google planner keyword

You can see after I search for “Google keyword planner”. The result you can see in the above image.

It shows me 551 keywords for the example I am taking 1st few keywords to understand. These 1st keywords are the most important.

This Google tool is designed for PPC users. So here you will see keyword bidding features. Bidding features are not necessary to find the best Google keyword.

Let’s see in the above image, just take two keywords to understand, which is “Google Keyword planner” and “Google planner”.

Here if you see the competition for both the keywords is low. This means you will get traffic but you checked the average monthly search, which is for Google keyword planner it is within 10k-100k, and for Google planner, it is within 1k-10k.

But if you see the bidding is slightly higher for Google planner than Google keyword planner. Most of us will choose google planner, because you will get more money, but don’t do that because you are getting less traffic for this keyword.  Even Google planner has low competition; users searching for this keyword are fewer. So in this case your article may not be ranked. Even if your article is good but due to using the wrong keyword, you will not be able to get traffic.

Competition is high, medium, and low

Blue t shirt

Something if you search for any keyword and you will find out, somewhere competition is high, medium, and low. Try to go for Medium and low competition keyword.

Here is the chance for your article to be visible in the Google search engine, and generate more traffic.

If you think these keywords help you in the future, you can ever download the report of Google keywords ideas, and save it in your system.

This is the one way that you can find your best SEO keywords by using Google keyword planner. This Google tool is totally free. I will suggest you before making any article any video, go through this Google tool. It will help you to find keywords and you can make an article, videos by using this method. Steps To Use Google Keyword Planner In 2020


This is the Steps to Use Google Keyword Planner in 2020

Hope you enjoyed my blog.

Now it’s your time

Do you use a keyword planner to search for keywords?

Share your answers in the comment section.

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