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Start a Blog: How much does it cost in 2020?

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How much does it cost in 2020

If you are reading this blog, this means you have something in mind to start a blog. All you need a proper guidance and you are ready to rock with your blogging website. (Start a Blog: How much does it cost in 2020?)

If you want to write your own blogs, and unaware about how to create a blogs, I have already written a blog on this topic “Create a WordPress blog step by step”.

As you know you can create a WordPress blog offline too. But how much cost it will take to come online. You are right place, just read the blog at the end, so you can be able to know, where you want to invest your money.

As the COVID 19 outbreak, many of us are starting to find a way to earn online. Blogging platform is best to earn money online. What you need a just small investment from your side. And you are ready to rock.

Actually I have started my blogging in August 2020, and the same question “Start a Blog: How much does it cost in 2020” comes in my mind.

After I wrote my 1st blog, this journey of blogging becomes so beautiful for me. Whenever I write a blog, I tried to give more through my blogs. So a few months back, I brought hosting from my savings, and then the blogging journey becomes beautiful for me. I made good friends, I learn more new things, I start digging at the end of the topic to gain more knowledge. I learn something from everyone and that will help you in the future.

So without due, let’s move towards the topic “Start a Blog: How much does it cost in 2020?”

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. WordPress
  4. WordPress Theme
  5. Plugins
  6. Canva
  7. Website Logo
  8. SEO Tools
  9. Grammarly Tool
  10. Your Precious Time.

Start a Blog: How much does it cost in 2020?

If you are new and without investing money you want to start a blog. You can simply download XAMPP from the Google search engine. You can check this blog on how to install XAMPP. Here you can create your website totally offline and whenever you think now the website is ready then you can move it to the online.

For me, WordPress is a good platform to start your blogging website. WordPress gives you flexibility than other tools.

What do you need to be a successful blogger? And where you need to invest your money?

Domain Name

A domain name is the first priority. If you want to start a blogging website, you need a domain. You can but a domain at cost 10$-20$. The buying domain is out primary investment. Try to take domain regarding your niche. Your blogs should be understood by your domain name.

A domain name gives identity to your blogging website. So invest your money to buy a good domain name. You can buy a domain on Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. Some have a plan that you can domain as well as hosting too, but it kind of costlier than only buying a domain name.

Hosting Account

To live your website, hosting is important. Hosting save your all blogs file. So whenever users search your domain name, he can see your website lives.

Here is the main part. You have to pay monthly or yearly basis money to the hosting provider. Hosting plays an important role to see your website in search engines. Means the better hosting, better result.

I used another hosting, and I have a pretty much bad experience with them. I faced problems like Lacking in speed, server down, etc. Last month I have changed my hosting to Siteground. Siteground hosting is one of the best hostings. You just have to pay 6.99$ each month only. I take a step and purchase early hosting. Trust me my website is now running smoothly. Yearly investment cost me around 83.88$.

You can get various benefits for having the best hosting. Like my website size decreased, my website speed increases, technical SEO done. You can actually register your domain and hosting on the siteground too. You do not have to purchase domain names and hosting from different websites. I purchased an early plan because I do not want to repurchase it again and again. I will share a photo that helps you to know the importance of having good Hosting.

website speed


You can get WordPress on Google search engine. It is totally free and you just download it. It is one of the popular content management software for bloggers. Around 60% of the websites are formed by using WordPress.

It gives you flexibility as well as you can do customization.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are popular. You can select any theme. If your blog is related sports then select sports theme. If your blog is related to fashion then select the fashion themes. WordPress gives you various options.

Choosing the best theme is to help your users to identify and navigable. Choosing a good theme looks at your website good and attractive.

Once you open, you will find out, there are millions of WordPress themes are present. Some are Premium and some are free. Premium themes are costly.

Generatepress premium theme costs you around $49.95. But I will prefer to go for free themes. There are a lot of themes which you will get free and with an attractive look.

Before this theme I am using the Astra theme, Now I am using the Supermag theme, which gives blogging look to my website.


Let me tell you, you do not have to invest your money on the plugins. If you are new, there are thousands of plugin, which you will get in free. You have to use hardly 9-10 plugins for your website. Because an excess of plugins might have chances to slow down your website.

Here is some of the list of plugins I prefer you to install

  • All-in-one Migration
  • AMP
  • Wp forms lite
  • Elementor
  • Insert header footer
  • Pixel your website
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Sassy social share
  • Yoast SEO

If you do not want to invest in paid tools, use this is free tools. These are some of the important plugins that I am using. I have already written a blog on this topic you can check this too “Top WordPress Plugins”          


I special recommend you guys to use Canva to make images. My blogs images are formed by Canva. This is the simplest tool to use. And you will get various templates in this tool.

This is totally a design tool; you can make awesome images to design your blogs. This tool is free as well as some of these images are premium. But trust me the free tool helps you a lot.

If you are satisfied with the free tool, do not invest in premium.

Website Logo

As you can see my website logo is totally simple. I make this logo on canva. Making a logo or designing a logo is kind of difficult.  And the logo is the identification of your website. You can design your logo by freelancing. It will cost you around 5-6$.

Whenever any users visit your website, they see your logo 1st and website design. So having the best logo always impact on users mind. And if you do not want to invest money on logo design, you can create on your own. You can easily create a logo by watching videos.

I prefer simply used Canva, you will get a template of Logo. Put your name and create a logo as per your imagination.

SEO Tools

Whenever you create a website, add your content to the website. You should do SEO. SEO plays an important role. It increases the visibility of your website in the Search engines. As I already told you, having a good hosting will help you with Technical SEO, you will get an SSL certificate, your images automatically optimized, website loading speed.

Do not forget to add Google Analytics, Google webmaster code to your website. It will help to get better SEO.

Here is the thing; you may get around tons of purchase tools for SEO. I never used any of these purchased tools until now. But I am having better SEO results. There is an SEO tool called “SEOquake”. This is a chrome extension; you can easily install it in your browser.

I would like to share my blogs because I already have written a blog on this topic.

How to do Technical SEO

The Best SEO tools use in 2020

SEOquake the SEO tool

Grammarly Tool

Grammarly tool is the best tool, you can reduce the number of mistakes that you doing while writing blogs. As you are just new to the blogging platform, use the free version of Grammarly. I do a lot of mistakes while writing; this tool will help me a lot. I am also new to this platform. I would like to tell you what I am doing, to reach my blogs.

Installed this tool, will assist you very well.

Your Precious Time

Your time is the most valuable and precious thing. If you are investing your time in blogging means you are investing it for good. Make every second count. Write blogs which is unique, valuable, and informative to users.

If you are doing something by investing your time, put your all efforts into it, and make it valuable. Once the time went, it never comes back. Make your decision wisely. Time is constant for all the living beings.

Invest your time smartly.


I hope, “Start a Blog: How much does it cost in 2020?” this blog will help you.

I am also new to this; I invested money only on the domain and hosting, other things you can get free on the internet.

Share your valuable reviews in these blogs.


This blog contains an affiliate link (Siteground), it will cost you the same money but if you purchased from my link, I will get some amount of margin on your purchase.

Thank You

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