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Set Goals for your Blog in 2020

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Set Goals for your Blog

Blogging journey is a joyful and adventurous life, which is a lucrative business for the peoples all around the world. (Set Goals for your Blog in 2020)

For me, blogging is a hobby. I write everything that I love to write. I would like to share my knowledge. I invest my time to write a blog, it’s like a hobby for me. As I am new to this blogging industry, I am not earning from this platform. But soon it will happen. So for me, this website is a lucrative business.

But to earn revenue, you should need a strategy; you should set your goal. Like if you’re doing a blog, you should know the ways that you can earn money by blogging. Only posting daily blogs won’t help you to earn money. (Set Goals for your Blog in 2020)

Do you know only a few peoples will be able to generate revenue by blogging?

Let me tell you, it will take half-year – 1 year to generate money from your blogs. But most of the newbie let it end before the 1 year. Because they don’t set their goals, they do not have a proper strategy. And in the end they quit without generating any revenue from it.

Do you know why?

Here are the points, peoples quit?

So basically the main reason behind it, they never planned for short term goals. Blogging is a long term aspect. If you think, adding 3-4 blogs on your website and you will start earning, this is wrong.

If you think, you are bloggers and you don’t have a plan until the date. Don’t worry, I will tell you how you can do the perfect plan, and execute it. This plan will help you to the next level for your blogging website.

Table Content

  • How to Set Goals?
  • Purpose of Blog
  • The end goal of your blog
  • What will you take close to your end blog?
  • End goals into two types

Are you ready?

“Set Goals for your Blog in 2020”

As you already know, blogging is one kind of business like others. Only we know some tricks that you can generate revenue from it. You need the best strategic plan to always move in the right direction.

Look at me, I am not earning from blogging. This is a hobby for me. So while writing I won’t feel bad, or get demotivated. I know that after some time, these blogs are going to fruitful for me. But still, you have to do a lot of struggle for it. As I am doing a job, I only get 3-4 hour’s to spend on my website. Because of my job, I do part-time blogging. I already set a milestone. Even my earning is $0 but in upcoming days, it may in thousands of dollars.

Here as you can see in the graph, this is the percentage of bloggers earning money from their blogging website.

monthly earning for bloggers

See even 28 % of bloggers earning less than $10 because of improper earning. That’s why building and executing as per the plan is must necessary.

How to Set Goals?

Setting goals is upon us. Some peoples do research and set realistic goals. But some peoples by watching videos, or dreaming and set unrealistic goals, which never executes. While in the other hand peoples struggle hard, reach the deep of the knowledge, and always try to achieve from small.

Why some peoples achieve their goals and some don’t?

Some peoples have beliefs in him/her that they can do it. The willingness to do things, they have a commitment to achieve their goals and setting the right goals.

If you want to achieve something, you should have set a goal first. The path to commitment is hard, but when you decide a goal, you become habitual to do the hardest things. You will find out the different ways. Your goals should be realistic, unrealistic goals won’t be achievable, they only appear in dream.

Set a goal, make it actionable.

Purpose of Blog

See my purpose behind this blog is to share my knowledge with the world, and help others, gain popularity and at the end to earn money.

You should know your purpose behind starting the blogging website. Having a purpose will help you to go in the right direction. Having a motive behind writing a blog is always keeps you in the achievable direction.

Most peoples start their blogs to share their knowledge with others. But for that, you should have an interest in writing. Peoples love to write, peoples love to make videos. It all depends on the interest. Peoples want to gain popularity in their niche. As my niche is regarding digital marketing. If you see my blogs, all are digital marketing related. I would like to share some digital marketing knowledge with others.

Everyone has a different niche. Everyone is perfect in particular things. Just find out those points and write them down. You should know why you are writing a blog.

The end goal of your blog

Everyone has different goals; everyone has to achieve their goals.

Let’s see some the end goals, which most the people’s has

  • Make money – well, this one is good, every one of us taking efforts, investing time to make money. Money is also your prior end goal.
  • Brand blog and Gain exposure – Everyone wants, their blog should be visible, blogs should have brand value among others blog. Attract organic traffic to your blog.
  • Helping peoples – Most of the blogs are for the peoples, who like to read. Bloggers help them; solve their problems by writing, or sharing knowledge.
  • Hobby – Making a good hobby always gets you to appear in the world. Writing and reading is a good hobby. You can get knowledge; you can share knowledge with others.
  • Digital Lifestyle

Well, these are some end goals. But let me tell you, it does not matter is it make money or gain exposure. You should always have an end goal in your mind.

As you have set your goal, you have a purpose to achieve those goals, you have an end goal in your mind. It will help you to move straightforward, achieve more valuable things.

OK, now you should know, why having an end goal is important in blogging, let’s move on the further step.

What will you take close to your end blog?

As you know, every process has a path. Now you have an end goal, but you should know which point will help you to go move close to your end goals.

List out the entire thing that will attract you to your end goals

  • Time – Time plays an important role, Find out how much time you are willing to invest in blogging website. As I am hardly investing 3-4 hours on my blogging website.
  • Target Audience – plays an important role. Find out who is your target audience, what are the needs and challenges.
  • Find points,which will not help you throughout this journey, eliminate such points.
  • Point that will help you to achieve your end goals. Take a small-small step towards your goals.

When it comes to blogging, these points are the most important point.

  • Content Creation – You should have unique content, which your readers love to read your article.
  • SEO (On-page, Off-page Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content Optimization
  • Pay-per-click
  • Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Networking

End goals into two types

  • Goals under your control
  • Goals not in your control

Now you have an end goal, and you know the steps that will help you to achieve end goals, you already made a strategic plan to get success.

Now it times to make short term goals. These goals are actionable and easily achievable. You can easily complete these goals in a time frame.

Write down all goals list, how you are going to achieve these goals, how much time are you investing behind these goals, what tactics are you going to use, strategy to promote your blog. Write down all the possibilities that get you closer to achieve your goals.

Set a month milestone. I would like to tell you about my month milestone. I write 15 valuable blogs in moths, spend 3-4 hours daily on blogs. Promote my blogs on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit and other social platforms.

Some goals are not in control. Means sometimes you did not get the expected traffic, sometimes you get more traffic than you set in your goals. Sometimes you generate less revenue than you expected.


I hope this topic “Set Goals for your Blog in 2020” will help you.

This is the way that you can make a perfect strategic plan make. These are the ways I personally used.

If you follow this procedure, you will also achieve your own goals.

Now move ahead, start your work from now, without work you cannot get anything.

Let’s share your strategy in the comment section.

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