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Rank higher your website on Google

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Google Search Rank

Rank higher your website on Google is time taking process. You cannot buy Google rank, but some time and strategy will help you to see your website on Search Engine Result Page.

Ranking your website on Google is necessary. During this pandemic, all offline businesses come online, because of this competition in the market gradually increasing. Everyone want to do business, everyone want to see their website in search engine. In this blog, we will see how you can improve your Google rank.

Improving your website ranking is the important factor; because of this your website visibility increases. More people will know about your website. And when the visitors increase, it helps you to build your brand and do businesses.

Factors that help you rank higher your website on Google.

  1. Improve your website user experience
  2. Good content optimized for SEO
  3. Get backlinks
  4. Improve website page speed
  5. Broken links
  6. Image Optimization
  7. Use Heading Tag
  8. Optimize local search

Let’s Start

Improve Your Website User Experience

The 4 factors that affect your website most is Session, Pageviews, Average Session Duration and Bounce Rate. If your website is easy to access and simple to learn, then more users will know about your website. Complicated website will give you bounce rate, means users may do not open your website or close it before checking it. So whenever you have website makes it simple and joyful.

Your website should have valuable content, valuable information. Whenever any user search for your website, he should get knowledge from your website, he will stay longer on your website; look for more pages, which will simultaneously help you to search your rankings.

Good Content Optimized For SEO

High quality good content always help you to improve your ranking on Search engine. Most of the study shows that you on page SEO should be good, means your articles do not have any mistake, you should add more keywords to your article, your website should be mobile friendly, and your article contain internal and external links. These are the main points that you have to enter in your article. Most of using WordPress. WordPress shows you each and every point that you have to do for On page SEO. If you providing High quality content without errors this help you to improve ranking on Google.

Get Backlinks

Backlinks also help you to get more organic traffic to your website. Backlinks means to getting the traffic from others article. If someone is adding your links to their article, you will get 1 backlinks. If your articles are informative users will give your backlinks. And this is how you can create your backlinks. If high authority domain gives your backlinks you will get high amount of traffic on your website.

Improve Website Page Speed

Your website page speed should be less than 4 seconds. I always check my website speed on Google insight Pagespeed and gtmetric. No one wants to wait to open your website, because there is always other substitute and potential blogs than yours. So whenever users open your website, it should maximum take 4-5seconds. Nowadays users are using smartphones, your website should be mobile responsive. Having high pagespeed will help you to improve your ranking and it will give good experience to the users.

Broken Links

Your website does not contain any broken links. Broken link means the link which shows error like 404. If you want to check that your website contain broken link or not. Google chrome gives you an extension called “Broken Link Checker”. Installed it, it will help you to know that your website have broken link or not. Broken links is the worst part in the website. It will effect on your SEO and your website do not appear on Google search engine.

As I already said use Brokenlinkchecker

Image Optimization

Image Optimization is crucial part while uploading images in your website or blogs. Look website speed and website sixe is plays an important role in the SEO department. If you are uploading images with 1-2mb size it increases your website size. Website loading speed also increases.

If you are using WordPress, You will find out various images compressor plugins. I will prefer you to use Smush. Smush will help you reduce image size and improve performance and boost your SEO.

Use Heading Tag

Adding heading tags in your blogs helps you to improve SEO but how? Basically there are six heading tags from H1 to H6. Use this heading tag while you are writing a article. It will help the users to read it conveniently. Whenever Google crawler comes to your website, he did not read your content he checked the heading tag that you are using in your article. So make sure you use heading tags properly.

Heading tags also help you to show your content in a proper structure. Because of this you can attract your users to website.

Optimize Local Search

As you can see the option called near me. Many times you have search Google the hotels near me, the gym. So if you have business then registers your business on Google my business. It will help the users to know about your business. You can submit directories, Google business listing. Users can review your business account because of this the visibility increases. And grate reviews always attracts users ti know more about your business.


These are some 8 points that you have to look to Rank higher your website on Google. I hope this will help you. Share you techniques which will help you to be in the search engine in the comment section.

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