Ways to make money online with WordPress

How to make money online with WordPress
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Make Money Online

If you are searching for ways to make money online with WordPress, you are at the right place

There is 36% of the website is running on WordPress. So here you have more chances to earn money online.

You can earn money by blogging on WordPress. There is no exact limit on how much money you can make.

It is a time taking process. You can’t be rich in a single day-night. But this process will help you to become rich. Do not trust social media photos, like working on the beach, expensive cars. It will take lots of effort and time to earn money.

Before you implement these methods you really need a blog. This is how you can create a blog step by step by using WordPress for beginners.

Make sure you should have proper hosting and domain. So your website does not lack in terms of speed and other factors.

Article bit of lengthy so the table will help you with points. Read the articles at the end. I am going to tell you how to earn money for every single point. Of course, it will help you.

  • Money with affiliate marketing
  • Google AdSense on WordPress
  • Sponsored Blog Post
  • Make Money Online by Selling Website
  • Public speaking as an Influencer
  • Private Forum
  • Question and Answer Community
  • Paid Business Directory
  • Sell E-books on WordPress
  • Sell Online Course
  • Paid Webinars
  • Freelancing Services
  • Online T-shirts website with WordPress
  • Accept donations

Let’s Start

Money with affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing helps you to earn money by selling products to the customer.

You can sell services and products and earn a commission on it.

There are some platforms like Amazon, Shareasale. You can create your affiliate program on this platform. Share their products or services through your affiliate links. Because of this, you can earn a commission on each product sell by your affiliate link.

If you are thinking of getting started affiliate marketing. Try to choose products that your reader may take interested in buying it.

Once you get your affiliate links. You can install the Pretty links plugin on your WordPress. It is the easiest way to monetize content. You can make money from the content that you already have. Pretty links help you to manage all your affiliate links.

Due to the internet, it is easy to spread your affiliate links. All you want just reach your affiliate link to the customer.

As to start a new blogging website, you need a best hosting. Siteground hosting is one of the best hosting.

Google AdSense on WordPress

google adsesne

Google AdSense will help you to earn money but how?

Add Google AdSense code on your head section of each page of your website. Before this sign in to AdSense and add the script. After this, the ads will start showing on your website. Every time the user will click on the ads, you will get money.

CPC (Cost per click) means you will get paid every time when users will click on your ads. CPC is set by the advertiser. The keyword planner is designed for the CPC advertiser. You can see the bidding option on the keyword. You can use keywords according to keyword planner results, and generate traffic on your content.

Google AdSense is one of the best way to start your online earning. You need content on your website to start Google AdSense.

Sponsored Blog Post

Some website owners do not want to start Google AdSense. Because they think having ads on your website will lose their viewers. Users may get annoyed by viewing continuously ads on the content.

So sponsored blog post is one of the best ways to make money online. Sponsorship like as you can see it on TV. Same as you can make a blog regarding their products or services and upload it on your website.

So how did you attract those advertisers on your website?

Make a page that will contain your traffic on your website, social media followings, audience demographics which will attract the advertiser on your website. After this, you can negotiate a sponsorship deal with companies.

Make Money Online by Selling Website

selling website

If you are an expert in building a website on a WordPress, then you can sell them and earn money. Most of the entrepreneurs do not build their own website rather they will buy an established website. So they can use it for their own business.

If you build a website, and after a certain time you will start getting traffic. Can sell it to others, and make money for your efforts.

If you want to be in this profession. You should know about the trend, which website is in the demand. Make a website according to the trend. The website called Flippa will help you to auction and broker for selling your website.

Public speaking as an Influencer


If you starting your own website and promoting your own brand. After some time the traffic started on your blogs. Looks peoples like to read knowledgeable articles. This means you provide some valuable information to them. They will start reading your blogs on daily basis.

Like if you are good at speaking. As you can see many bloggers can earn money by speaking at the conference.

Speaking in events will grow you as an influencer. You can promote your brand, recognition of yourself.

Some tips that will help you to be an Influencer.

If you are selecting a particular topic, make sure that you are in expert in this topic. You have the answer to each and every question.

You should be consistent in your field. Let the people that you have knowledge about this topic. Promote yourself on social media, Spread videos of the topic on social media, and make blogs.

Private Forum

Create a private forum that users can pay to access the forum. It is another way to make money online with WordPress. Forums are usually for users to get one on one talk with you. Get some valuable advice from you. Other community members can also interact with each other.

Here are some of the plugins for the WordPress site

BBpress, Buddypress, Forum Engine, Simple:press, wpForor Forum, etc.

Question and Answer Community

You have already known about the platform like Quora. It helps you to build a community, which is searching for an answer to their question. Because of this more users will attract to the website. Once you started getting traffic on your community. You can start some ads, Affiliate program so you can able to generate income from this platform.

Some of the best question and answer websites will get direct sponsorship. So you can negotiate deals with the companies.

Paid Business Directory

We know that a business directory helps us to rank our website in the Google search engine. So there is an extreme necessity of local and niche related business directories. Directories give reviews of your businesses and share information about the business products and services.

So creating a listing website or business directory will help to make money online with WordPress. You can charge advertisers for the advertisement in your business directory.

Sell E-books on WordPress


It is simple to write and produce. E-books are digital products. If you are blogging, so collect your old blog posts. Turn those posts into the book.

After creating a book, make a cover by using Canva. Create your eBook as a pdf. You can use a plugin to sell your eBook on WordPress.

Sell Online Course

online course

You can sell your online course and the price is higher than the eBooks. You need to create a lesson about your subject from start to end. The lesson should contain videos, templates, slides, etc.

You can create two versions of your courses like basic simple version and other is premium version with email support.

Paid Webinars

You can generate income by taking live webinars. It is similar to the online course. Only it includes the question and answers section.

Webinars also help for self-recognition, promote your brand, self-awareness, sharing experience, and grow your business.

Freelancing Services

You have an expert in your niche, now it’s time to share your expertise with others. You can do other’s work as a freelancer. Earning money for other work.

Freelancing is the best way to generate the income of a high number. Because you do not have to invest money, you can make a blog and start giving service to your current viewers.

If you want to make money from freelancing, then this is some website best for freelancing Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

Online T-shirts website with WordPress

Everyone wears T-shirts. Make a website that contains all the unique T-shirts designs, which help you to attract the users.

Like there are many services in the market, they will print and ship the products, and you will get your profit share. So you can create a platform where users will come and print his shirt as per the design in his mind.

Accept donations

Last but not least, you are providing all services through your website. You can accept donations from a few different ways. Add Paypal donate button or strip donate button on your website.


Hope you would love this article about Ways to make money online with WordPress

This is the time to start

Let me know which method do you use to make money online?

Share your views in the comment section

I want to tell you that this Siteground link contain affiliate link, I will get commission if you buy from my affiliate link.

Good Luck

Thank You..!!!

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