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Meta Description

Meta description, Title plays an important role in the article. So here are some tips that will help you to write the best Meta description for your article. It will help you to rank in search engine results, and describe your blog in search engines like Google, Bing.

How to write the best Meta description?

  1. Insert blog name
  2. Add your primary keywords
  3. Add the short description about your blog
  4. Make sure add some strong keywords
  5. Keep your blog within 160 characters
  6. Use Yoast SEO to write a perfect blog description

These are the points you have to mention while writing the Meta description.

In this blog, I will show you “How to write the best Meta description”, and some good examples with it.

A meta description is necessary to rank in the search engine result and get click-through rates from Google.

Read the blog till the end. It will help you to understand all the steps to write a blog Meta description for your own WordPress blog.

What is a Meta Description?

It is a short summary of your article. This tells you the in shortly about the blog. Try to write a Meta description with the keywords. This description helps the readers to understand what’s the entire blog is about.

Here is the most important part, most of us just copy-paste the few lines of our article, and paste it to the Meta description. But while writing the Meta description you need to understand, your Meta description should be independent of your article or blog content. Means try to write a description which not appears in the article but it derives from the source content.

For Google each blog or article is a separate entity, and everyone has their unique blog Meta description. Having the same Meta description will now help you to rank. Make sure that your Meta description is different from others, and it always shows what your blog is about.

Try to add your primary keywords in your Meta description. So you have that keyword in your Meta title, Meta description, Blog title. It helps you to rank your article in Search engines.


This is the HTML tag of Meta description.

What is the importance of Different Meta description?

Let’s consider you are a reader and you search a topic on Google. Google will give you hundreds of searches regarding your article. What will you do this time? You will pick the result with a catchy blog description.

So to stand out with this among those blogs, you should have catchy blog Meta descriptions. Readers hardly read the first 2 pages and the blog description helps you to rank in SERPs. Internet searcher does not want to read all page. They are not interested in it. They want their answers in a short time. So your blog description might have some tricky lines, which the reader will know this blog can give an answer to his/her question.

In the search result, every search gives you the same answer but in a different way. So make sure that your blog description is different than others.

Just look at these articles with the best Blog Meta description.

This are some of the articles with catchy Meta description, you will see the difference in each blog. The Meta description will help you to rank, also you can drive traffic to your content. 

importance of meta

As you can see in the above image, this is my website and the meta description providing some insight about the website.

Is it worth spending time on optimizing blog Meta description?

Most of us are new bloggers; we always have wished to rank our blog. Here is the thing; you have to understand this is not a onetime process. You have to take lots of effort. Optimization is the best process for bloggers who have less blog posts.

The blogger who has over 40 posts then you should have to update your post. Nowadays you should be updated with your blogs. So your blogs are not outdated. Remember that try to write more new content and update your old content.

Why Google picks its own description?

Sometimes you might be seen that the given Meta description and your Meta description are different. This happens because peoples do not use the exact search phrase. So Google will pick its own snippet from your article.

Here is the search result of my website, if I write digitalsidworld in Google search it will show me this result.

optimization image 1

If I search Digitalsid in Google search it will show me this result.

importance of meta

As you can see in both images, the Meta description is different. But in the real, as you know that people search for various things.                 

Some best blog description example

Digital marketing blogs

digital marketing blogs

Fitness blogs

Lifestyle blogs

lifestyle blog

Some tips to write the best blogs description

  1. Put your blog name and author-name
  2. Add primary keywords
  3. Use power words
  4. The meta description should be in 160 characters long.
  • Put your blog name and author name.

It is necessary while writing the Meta description you need to put your title of the blog. Because of this, it will have maximum chances to be appearing in the Google search result. And if you are putting the name of the author with the title, it helps to make the author famous. That’s what everyone wants to be famous.

  • Add primary keywords in the meta description

As you know that keywords play a main role while ranking. Put the primary keywords in the description. Before writing any blogs, suppose the blogs are related “Best blog by digital marketing sid”. Here is my main keyword is digital marketing and I am adding the initials of my name “sid”. Put this digital marketing in your Meta description.

  • Use power words.

While writing a Meta description, you should use power words for writing emotional headlines. These are the few hacks that will help you to how to write blog description.

Start your Meta description by engaging your readers.

  • Let’s see….
  • How to do…

Put emotional words that help you to attract readers.

  • Successful
  • Wealth
  • Effective
  • Free
  • Growth
  • Important

Here is a list that will help you to understand the best powerful strong words.

  • Meta description within 160 characters long

The meta description should be within 160 characters. Do not write less than 160 characters. Put the short summary of your blog with your primary keywords.

You can use character count; it is an online tool that will help you to know about your words count.

Now you will get the idea about how to write the best Meta description.

Meta description in WordPress

Most of the digital marketers make their website on WordPress. There is a plugin for WordPress called Yoast SEO, which helps you to know about your SEO of Blogs. It will show you colors like orange and green. Make sure everything is in green.

Let’s make it simple through images.

To set the description properly, you have to download Yoast SEO plugin. then go to your post option.

yoast SEO

After the page open. Come at the end of your article. You can see Yoast SEO option their.

Yoast SEO meta

After this go to the Edit snippet option, where you can edit you meta description.

meta description 1

Try to write enough text. It will show you a green color line. It will take a few days to appear your Meta description on Google. Something it shows instantly.

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Hope you like this article “How to write the best meta description”. It will help you to write the best Meta description. Share your views in the comment section.

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