Engage your Organic traffic on social media

Organic traffic engagement on social media
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ways to engage organic traffic

To expand your reach, It is necessary to engage your organic traffic on social media. Getting organic traffic is very hard like it is one kind of slowest game. It will take time for a search engine to bring new people to your website. 

Even if your content is good, it will take time to get the top 10 positions in the search engine result.

There is a way to fix this problem; you can engage your organic search traffic on social media. There are some ways to increase your organic search traffic, by using Facebook Lookalike.

The ways are given below:

  • Keyword search
  • Piece of content
  • Get organic traffic to the content
  • Set social media pixel
  • Create Facebook lookalike
  • Social media ads to audience

To engage your organic traffic on social media, the six step are given below:

  1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is important while you’re going to provide some content. Peoples are searching through keywords. So it is necessary that, when they search keywords, your company product, services, or another thing will appear on the search results.

If you are providing all knowledge through your blog, but not adding keywords. It will never appear on the search engine. Why waste time on those things, which peoples never search?

The smartest way is to find out the key phrases or keyword’s, which customers exactly searching on Google and other search engines.

Basically I used a keyword planner to know about keywords. You can easily able to know how many peoples are searching for these keywords.

  • Piece of Content

After getting the right keywords, now it is time to create a blog. Before writing any blogs, it should be related to your title. So maximum peoples will enjoy while reading your blogs, and you will get more engagement. So the search engine helps you to get in 1st page. It is important to add those keywords to your content. Because of having keywords in your blogs, it does not long time to appear on a Google search engine 1st page, because you have exactly the same keywords that peoples are searching for.

Once you have uploaded blog o you website, just wait for some of the peoples to read it, and engage with it.

  • Get Organic Traffic to Content

After posting a blog just set our predicted traffic goals on your mind, suppose 1000 peoples are our goals.

After some time, when your blog starts seeing in Google search results, you will get traffic on your blogs. At that time, you have to set your pixel code and start running social ads. The process is not as simple as it sounds. Most of the companies are known about marketing funnel working. But they don’t know how to get continuously newly people.

You have to be known that, how to track customers or people who see your content.

  • Set Social Media Pixel

Once you have published blogs, and you have started getting traffic on blogs, no its time to add pixel code on your website. Pixel is code that you have to put in the header section of your website.

Pixels help you to retarget people who visited your blog page. Facebook pixel helps to track these people.

  • Create a Lookalike Audience

Facebook has an option in that you can create a look alike audience. You can show your ads to the people who are interested in it. The lookalike is similar to your existing customers. You can create a group having the same interests, and demographics.

  • Social Media Ads to Audience

Now it’s time show ads to your created lookalike audience. After completing these six steps, you can engage your organic traffic with your post.

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