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WordPress blog

Do you want to create a WordPress blog step by step…

Great Decision. You are in right place.

WordPress is one of the best solutions for blogging, after reading this blog you will start your blogging from today, and choose the path towards success.

Starting a blog is not that complicated. I will give you the direction through my blog, so you can create a blog in a short time.
Here is some step to create a WordPress blog step by step that will help you.

  • Topic For Your Blog
  • Domain For Your Blog
  • Hosting Provider
  • Set Up On WordPress
  • Installed Best Theme
  • Plugins For Blog
  • Write And Publish Blog

Why Blogging?

Blogging getting tough day by day, this is your chance to make it big through your blogs. Blogging is a growing industry. If you want to join this community, join this write now. Do not wait for a golden opportunity. This is your golden opportunity.

Here are some of the benefits that you will get through blogging.

  1. Make Money Online: Everyone wants to make money. If blogging is your dream you can earn money through it. You can earn money by Running Ads, and Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Express yourself: Here you have a chance to express yourself, your knowledge. You can express it through blogging and just reach it to your audience.
  3. Help others to gain knowledge: You can help the viewers by adding some valuable information on your blog. And if your content is good they will always read your blogs and support you.

Let’s Start to create a WordPress blog step by step

  • Topic for your blog:

Here is an important fact for new bloggers, Most of the blogger think too much on the selection of blog topic. Most of the bloggers end blogging before six months because of the topic.

Never select topic which is trending. Always select topics that you are passionate about, the select topic you have immense knowledge regarding topic. So it will help you to write more content in your blog. Having good and knowledgeable content is good for readers. They can happily read your blogs.

  1. Write down on which topic you are good at.
  2. Find out the affiliate marketing links that you can enter in your blogs
  • Domain for your blogs:

Selecting a domain name is not that hard. But find a perfect domain for your blogging website. If you are already decided on the name of the domain, then skip this part.

But to whom, who hasn’t decided the domain yet for them, consider these following steps that will help you to, find the best domain name.

  1. Keep it Simple & short: Make your domain simple and shot. Do not take long words in your domain, which is hard to pronounce, hard to spell. Keeping short and simple will help you to attract more traffic. And it will easy to remember for the reader and viewers.
  2. Use TLD Extensions: As you have already domain that ending is ‘.com’. Try to but domain which is having extension ‘.com’. Because It is globally accepted.
  3. Use Keywords: You can use topic-related keywords in your domain. It will help you in SEO.
  4. Numbers: Never use numbers in your domain.
  • Hosting Provider:

To have our website live or online, you need a domain name, and hosting provider. I know many of you guys, know about it, but let me enlightened on this topic

Domain Name:
Https:// (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
Digitalsidworld (Domain name)

Webhosting was a blogger that can store all files of the website. Blogger can store files, images, content, etc. If you search on google, you will find out the hosting provider. There are lots of hosting providers on the internet. Like WordPress, GoDaddy, Siteground, Bluehost, HostGator, Hostpapa, Interserver, DreamHost. Basically for a beginner, Most of the bloggers go for Siteground. Siteground has a high-quality performance and solid experience. I already purchased hosting from yocohost. I thought this is sufficient for me.

So, are you guys excited to kickstart your first business?

This is my 1st hosting and I never tried another hosting. I think it is good for me. It’s your choice, which hosting do you want to buy. There is many more hosting which is reliable and affordable.

  • Set Up On WordPress:

Bloggers can easily install WordPress. I purchased hosting from Yocohost. After purchasing hosting, you will get the mail from yocohost. that contains C-panel Link, Username, and password. Then search for ‘softaculous’ in the search bar then installed WordPress from there. It is a simple process. Each hosting has a different process, but you will get it easily after reaching there. After installation, you will see the WordPress dashboard. You have to enter your User name or email Id, and password. Now just click on login. Here is your URL Once you got your website dashboard, it is straightforward to make a blog.

  • Install Best theme:

WordPress gives you themes, which already have all data. You have to install that theme and activate, and just replace old data with your data. I am using Astra themes, because it gives you a variety of themes and most of them is free. Astra Pro is the best, and easy to customize the data. You can make an attractive homepage and responsive too. The best attractive and responsive theme will help you to drive traffic towards your blog. You can edit your Astra theme by using elementor.

Step of the install of Astra theme

  1. Open your Website dashboard (
  2. Go to the Appearance section
  3. In appearance go to the themes
  4. Click on Add new
  5. Search for Astra and installed and activate these themes.

After Activating Astra theme, you need a website for blogging.

  1. Go to the Astra
  2. Click on the Theme Details
  3. Then click on Starter templates
  4. And select template according to your blogging subject Like Fitness, Nature, Business, etc.
  5. Download this template, Now you are ready to blog.
  • Plugins for blog

How to install plugins?

Here are some of the main plugins, which you have to install before start blogging.

Here are some of the main plugins, which you have to install before start blogging.

  1. Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO will help you to add Meta keyphrase, Meta title, Meta description, readability section.
  2. Smush: It helps to compress your image size. The image you used in blogging, it will reduce it automatically.
  3. Elementor: Elementor is used to design your website. And give your website an attractive look.
  • Write and Publish Blog

Now all set, it’s time to write a blog. Before writing any blog, make sure you should more. And it will contain keywords, which will help you to be in the search result.
Just go to the post section on your dashboard. If you installed templates from Astra, there may be chances that you can see the blog’s design already there. You just have to replace your data with old data, and your blog ready.

  1. Always have an awesome title that a number of readers will read your article.
  2. Add keywords while writing a blog.
  3. Don’t take copyright images from search engines.
  4. Always on On-page SEO of your Blog.
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