Set Goals for your Blog in 2020

Set Goals for your Blog-min

Blogging journey is a joyful and adventurous life, which is a lucrative business for the peoples all around the world. (Set Goals for your Blog in 2020) For me, blogging is a hobby. I write everything that I love to write. I would like to share my knowledge. I invest my time to write a blog, it’s like a hobby for me. As I am new to this blogging industry, I am not earning from this platform. But soon it will happen. So for me, this website is a lucrative…

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Create a WordPress blog step by step

Create website blog

WordPress blog Do you want to create a WordPress blog step by step… Great Decision. You are in right place. WordPress is one of the best solutions for blogging, after reading this blog you will start your blogging from today, and choose the path towards success. Starting a blog is not that complicated. I will give you the direction through my blog, so you can create a blog in a short time.Here is some step to create a WordPress blog step by step that will help you. Topic For Your…

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Engage your Organic traffic on social media

Organic traffic engagement on social media

ways to engage organic traffic To expand your reach, It is necessary to engage your organic traffic on social media. Getting organic traffic is very hard like it is one kind of slowest game. It will take time for a search engine to bring new people to your website.  Even if your content is good, it will take time to get the top 10 positions in the search engine result. There is a way to fix this problem; you can engage your organic search traffic on social media. There are…

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Best tools for Digital marketing

Top digital marketing tools-min

India is taking lead in the digital revolution. Digital marketing is a big word in itself. A lot of thing it contains like Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Branding Strategy, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, etc. Here are some of the best digital marketing tools that I suggested to use. I am using them and I am getting benefits from this. Google Analytics Google my business Sitechecker and Ubersuggest Gtmetrix SEO Quake Hootsuite

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The Reason You Need Digital Marketing

Need of Digital marketing-min

Digital Marketing is a tool that helps the organization achieve its goals. Before the COVID-19 every organization has their sales team, marketing team some of the big organization has its digital marketing team too. But as the pandemic comes the small scale business stopped and they are earning less profit as they earning before the pandemic. So here is the way to take your offline business online. If you want to hold the reputation of your business you should adopt the new technologies, it will help you to reach to…

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