15 Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic on your Website

15 Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic on your Website
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Strategies To Increase Organic Traffic

How do we get traffic from Google? (15 strategies to increase organic traffic on your website)

You will get thousands of organic traffic on your website. Just read this blog to the end.

I will tell you 15 strategies to increase organic traffic on your website from Google. I am also increasing traffic on my blogs by following this method. I would like to share these methods with you.

The methods and techniques, that I am going to share with you are both paid and free.

Do we get traffic from Google without doing SEO?

Yes, you can get traffic without doing SEO. By sharing your content on various platforms, running ads of your content, by guest post of another website, and by brand, you can get traffic. Many big bloggers do their personal branding by running an advertisement on various platforms, Social media platforms.

How do you grow Organic traffic?

Organic traffic on your website is no simple task. You have to do a lot of techniques, so your blogs or articles reach the customers. Use Google, Bing, and other search engines to drive the traffic on your website.

How do you get Social Media Traffic?

You can get traffic from social media platforms by increasing your followers. It is easy to get traffic on Social Media. Start to end you will get to know 15 strategies to increase organic traffic on your traffic.At the start, the website does not grow instantly. It will take to be appearing in Google search. And the SEO will take time.

Let’s Start

Here are 15 Strategies to increase your organic traffic on your website

Blog Post Title

Having the best headline can attract most readers to your website. Here are the things more readers on your blogs, which means more CTR (Click through rate) and it helps to rank fast in Google.

With this technique, many bloggers can get thousands of readers in an hour.

Simple Headlines? NOO

Nowadays, Users do not want to see simples headline, it looks likes boring to open the link. Even that blog contains valuable information. So having catchy headlines is always beneficial. A reader wants something attractive, something catchy.

Here is the website with help you to create a best headline for your content Free headline analyzer

Tips for writing headlines

  1. Use Keywords – Your headline or title should represent the keywords. This means the topic that you are going to describe in the blog. The words that attract users and create traffic on your blog.
  2. Add Numbers – As you have seen in Google search like ‘top 20 online businesses’. And the name for my blog name is ‘15 Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic on your Website’. So the number plays an important role here.
  3. Understanding – Your title should have meaning. The title should be understood by others. Reader or viewers click on your link by seeing your blog title.
  4. Unique – Try to make your headline Unique, that no viewers see this before in the search engine. So because of this, the curiosity in them increases.

Write Long Articles

Everyone can write, it is easy to write content, but it is hard to give quality with your content. Many bloggers only focus on content, because anyhow they have to 3000 words in their blog. But they do not focus on quality content. Because of this readers are not able to understand.

As I want to say is provides problem-solving and quality content.

According to research the article having more articles will get more share and viewers. But the quality of the article is more important than length. If you are giving quality to readers, they will read your all article, and the bounce rate of the website will decrease.

Let’s try to focus on both long articles with quality. Google likes detailed articled, so there are chances to rank in search engines.

Focus on Long Keywords

Let’s go deep; in keywords mainly there are types

Let’s talk about Primary keywords and secondary keywords. Suppose Primary keyword is ‘Business strategies’ and Secondary keyword is ‘Best online business strategies’

So as you can see here before your blogging there is a number of bloggers, who have already use the Business strategy keyword. So ranking on these keywords is very hard. Try to use a minimum of these keywords in your content. And use long-tail keywords. Once you rank on long-tail keywords, then you can rank on primary keywords too. If you are new in this field, try to focus on long-tail keywords.

Optimize Images

Optimization for images must necessary because it will affect your website speed. And you may lose your traffic. Another way is, we are searching on Google for images, suppose SEO images, and Google shows us all images related SEO. As we open these images you can go directly to their website or blogs. That’s why to appear in Google search your images should be properly optimized, Image should have alt text.

Steps to optimize images

1.            If you are using WordPress, Use Resmush plugin

2.            Use Wp Rocket to increase speed.

On page SEO

SEO will help you to increase your website rank in Google, We can rank in Google only doing On-page SEO.

Which factors help us to rank?

  Let’s see some important factors for On-page SEO, that helps us to optimize the post

  1. Meta Title – Meta title contains the title or blog heading, which is your key focus phrase too. Use your heading and keywords in the H1 tag, so Google will understand your main keyword. 60 is the Meta character Limit.
  2. Meta Description – Meta description is shortly detailed about your blogs. In description add your main keywords. The Meta description length is about 50-160 characters. It will help the readers to understand your post.

High-Quality Post –

As we discussed already, your post has quality content and it contains maximum keywords.

Fast Website –

Make your website faster, Speed is an important factor in On-page SEO, so the bounce rate is low and it should appear in Google ranking.


Off Page SEO

Best ways to increasing ranking by Off-Page SEO.

Let’s discuss some important SEO factors of Off-page to boost your ranking.

  1. Link Building– Focus on building good quality links that will help to rank in Google.
  2. Blog Promotion– Promote your blogs to a various website like Quora, Medium, Slashdot, and Reddit.
  3. Video Submission– Create the brand value of your business. Submit your video on YouTube, Facebook. So you can attract those traffic to your website.

Blog is written by me How SEO is Important?

Blog Themes.

Use the best theme, make your blog attractive. Use images, so the audience will feel good to read your articles. And even they will your buy product from you. Currently, I am using the Astra theme to make blogs, for me, it is the best theme. But now the Astra theme is suspended by WordPress. Now the Generatepass theme you can use to make attractive blogs.

Paid Advertisement

You can pay and attract traffics on your website. If your blogging website is new, your account does not have Google AdSense approval, which means you cannot run Ads. I will say do not go for paid advertisements. Only if you have proper optimization of your ads, and you run the paid advertisement. Help you to get money.

Many bloggers run ads, to drive traffic on their website or blog. You can also use the same method to drive traffic.

Facebook Page or Group

As we know that we have a limited options to make Facebook friends. Reach your content to the more visitors; you can Facebook page or groups. And drive traffic to your articles.

Stay always connected to your page members share your articles, blogs. And engage them to your website. Do blog promotion. Share news related to you blog topic name.

Email Marketing

You can make thousands of dollars through email marketing. All you need is just email. Here is the thing people buy products or services every day. Even you can drive traffic on your website.

Why it is important?

  1. It helps you to increase your sales
  2. It will help you to drive traffic on your website.

How you can earn through email marketing?

  1. Use mail pop option in your website that will help you to get their Email.
  2. Give them knowledge about the product or service through your content.
  3. Do not force them to buy, Let them decide on their own.

Social Share button

You have seen buttons below the image or after the end of the blog. Users can share blogs on various platforms. It is essential to get traffic on the social media button. Like if the user likes a blog, He/she shares this blog on their profile, which will help you to get traffic without doing anything.

But make sure to use a button like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. People have an account on it, so it is easy to share.

Guest Post

To be in Google search you need backlinks. You need better SEO, the Guest post will help you to drive o your website.

Suppose a website getting traffic, you just a write article for them. And put your links in the content. Here you can build backlinks, which is totally trusted, No spamming at all. You can build branding of your content by doing a Guest post.

Use Quora

Quora is a platform where you can give an answer to the question, which needs answers to their questions. They asked their questions on Quora, and then we have to give answers to them.

Here is the trick; Quora has the potential to reach thousands of people. So just give them a short answer, and add you’re your link in your answer. So the reader can come to the user website.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform where you can post images. Even you can add the images with a short description and a Website link. Someone clicks on your images. It will redirect to your website, and you will get the views.

How you can increase traffic on Pinterest? 

  1. Post daily 10 images
  2. Add the link of your website on images
  3. Use keywords in your profile.

An increase in Pinterest traffic means an increase in website traffic.

Comment on others Blog

After reading the blogs, in the end you will see Name, Email, Comment, and Website.

Just add your comment and submit it. Always engage with others. By adding your comment the website automatically shows with the name and content. So here you have benefits to drive instant traffic on your website.


I have shared all the 15 strategies to increase traffic to your website. These techniques and methods that I have used to get organic traffic on my blogs. Now it’s your turn, which methods do you use most to get traffic on your website? Share your answer in the comment section.

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