13 Best Google Chrome Extensions in 2020

13 best chrome extensions for blogger
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Best Google Chrome Extension

To be a successful person, everyone wants to put the effort into their work.

As we bloggers, we have to spend more time to grow or reach our content to the people.

So here are some 13 Best Google Chrome Extensions In 2020 that will help you a lot.

But do not rely on the extension. If you want to be successful then 1st you have to prove yourself. This extension will help you to work faster and achieve maximum results. Google chrome extension is the most popular extensions, which helps you to maximize your work speed.

In this blog, I will talk about 13 Best Google Chrome Extensions In 2020, which help the bloggers to enhance their work, and rocket boost to their work.

As you go to the Google Chrome web store, you will find out there are lots of chrome extensions to increase your productivity and speed up your work. I am sharing some of the Google Chrome extension, which helps through my blogging. It really works great for me. It enhances my productivity and I can do my work in less time.

You do not have to pay for 13 Best Google Chrome Extensions In 2020, it’s all free. You can easily download it through the Google Chrome web store.

What you will get by reading this article?

  1. You will be able to know the best Chrome extension for bloggers.
  2. You will be able to enhance your productivity and speed up your work by using Google chrome extension.
  3. If you would love to write content then this blog is especially for you.

Let’s Start

Here are the 13 Best Google Chrome Extensions In 2020, which are available on the Chrome web store.


SEOquake is one of my favorite SEO tools in Google Chrome extension. It gives you instant SEO of the page. It gives you Internal links, external links, keywords density. You can do competitor analysis in SEOquake. In this tool you can compare URLs up to 15.

It shows you Google index number, Bing index, Alexa rank, SEMrush data, etc. The best part of the tool is to show you the authority of a website, backlinks of your competitor, display advertising, Traffic analytics.

Just download this Chrome extension, which is available on chrome web store. After installing it will appear on the right-hand side top corner screen. Just open any website, and click on this symbol. Now you will be able ready to check the insights of that particular page.

(Note I have already written a blog on this just go through this blog “SEOquake the best SEO tool”)



Bloggers always do plenty of mistakes while they are writing content. To write content without having any mistakes, you can use Grammarly.

Grammarly is a Google Chrome extension that will help bloggers to correct their mistakes. It helps you to write content without any mistakes.

If a blogger using WordPress at that time Grammarly is the best chrome extension for bloggers. You can use it on docs file and Microsoft Wordpad too.

The platforms where you do not make any mistake, because it all related to your company brand image. Here the Grammarly chrome extension fits well. The platforms like Gmail, Facebook, Quora, etc. the bloggers should use Grammarly chrome extension.

Grammarly has its premium version. If you go with a premium version their Grammarly team checks your content, and cleared all grammatical mistakes. It will good for your content as well as for brand image.

grammarly for chrome

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus Chrome extension is the best when it comes to the screenshot. You can also get the option of a screen video recorder. It is easy to take a screenshot, and record videos through this Google chrome extension.

As a blogger, we have to take lots of screenshots. And having these tools will make our work faster. Just download this chrome extension on chrome web store.

You can take any page screenshot. Just click on the nimbus screenshot extension. It will show you some options like the visible part of the page, capture fragment, selected area, selected & scroll, the entire page, delayed screen, desktop screenshot, blank screen, and record video. You are getting this many options by using only a single nimbus Google chrome extension.

Click on the extension and take beautiful screenshots.

nimbus sceenshot


SimilarWeb helps you to know the traffic the website generates per month. It will give you all the insights into your website. You can do competitor analysis with these tools. You can see the keywords of the competitor, so it will helpful for us to know about their backlinks and keywords. With the help of this data, you can attract their traffic to your content. The insight that you will get by installing Google chrome extension is

  1. Top ranking keywords
  2. Traffic source of website
  3. Referral and social traffic
  4. Competitor analysis

SimilarWeb is a free Google chrome extension. You can also upgrade it to get to know about more features.


Font finder

Every website has its landing page. It should be amazing than your competitor. In this case, the Font finder Google chrome extension will help you.

This extension helps you to find the font of any page. So finding font is just one click away, just install the font finder chrome extension. Font finder shows you detailed about Color, Font, Spacing, and Decoration/Transformation.


LastPass: Free Password Manager

If you have many accounts and you are a busy blogger. So it is very hard to know all the passwords then you should install the LastPass Google chrome extension.

Lastpass chrome extension has the ability to manage your all passwords, which helps you to easily access all your accounts.

It is hard to remember all passwords. We have to make different passwords for all other platforms. At this time remembering all passwords is not possible. So here LastPass chrome extension will help you.

Just install LastPass: Free Password Manager to remember all passwords.


MOZbar chrome extension

Many of us know about MOZbar, It is an SEO tool. If you do deep SEO of the website then you may have used this MOZbar tool.

MOZbar is a free Google chrome extension. MOZbar shows you the page authority and domain authority of any website. You can also check it for your competitor. It will also show you to know about keyword optimization. To know about the low-quality bad links this chrome extension helps you. As we know these bad or low-quality links won’t help us. MOZbar is the same as SEO quake but here you will get Domain authority and page authority. Mozbar helps you to analyze SERPs.


TubeBuddy Chrome Extension

If you are making videos related to your content, then Tubebuddy is the best chrome extension for you. Tubebuddy is the optimization tool for YouTube.

Trust me I am using this tool. It is the best tool for YouTube. Tubebuddy shows you more relevant tags for your content. It shows the keywords that generate traffic on your video.

Apart from all of these benefits it shows you Thumbnails for your YouTube videos. If you want to access more features of the Tubebuddy, they have premium plan too.


VidIQ chrome extension

VidIQ is the best tool for optimization of YouTube videos. Which is substitute for Techbuddy. It shows you the overall SEO of your vide.

It shows you

  1. The number of words derived from your description
  2. SEO score like Tag count, Tag volume, Keywords in the title, keywords in the description, Tripled keywords.
  3. The number of external pages linked to the video.
  4. The number of end screen on video.

It will show you the video optimization checklist like Title, Tags, Description, Cards, End screen, Shared on Facebook, Shared on Twitter.


Tags for YouTube

Tags for YouTube are the chrome extension, which helps you to identify the video tags. If you want to know what’s your competitor using tags for their video. Then this chrome extension is best for you. You can always monitor your competitor strategy through this chrome extension.

youtube tag

Facebook Pixel Helper

If you are running Facebook ads on your blogs then this chrome extension helps you. You can check your competitor website Facebook pixel by just a single click. This extension is not only for bloggers. It is for them who run ads on Facebook.

facebook pixel

Save to Pocket

As a blogger, you like to read a lot. But you like a lot of articles but you cannot remember them. At this time the Save to Pocket tool helps you.

Save to Pocket Chrome extension is free; you can save your articles to your account. And you can read this article whenever you get time. You will also use this chrome extension on mobile too.

You just save your article and read you will get time. This chrome extension saves a lot of time. Try it once.

save to pocket

Page Analytics Chrome Extension

Page analytics is Google chrome extension will give you Google analytics report.

If you want to save time, this extension is best for you. You do not need to check always Google analytics report.

Page Analytics shows you Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Average Time on Page, Bounce rate, % Exit of the page.

page analytics


Hope you like this article “13 Best Google Chrome Extension in 2020”. Download these chrome extensions on chrome web store. It will help you to save your time. What extension do you use for blogging? Share your answers in the comment section.

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